At She'z Royalty Collection, we strongly believe that our raw luxury hair is an investment. For that reason, we strongly recommend following and utilizing the hair care steps below to maintain the quality of your raw hair, increase the longevity, and to ensure that your investment lasts for years to come. With proper care hair and maintenance, your raw hair is designed to last up to 5 years.



 The first important step after purchasing your raw hair is to co-wash it. We strongly recommend co-washing your hair using a deep conditioner before installation in order to reveal the natural luster of the hair, restore the hair to it's natural state, and for sanitation purposes. After co-washing your hair, allow the hair to air dry. 


♛  While washing your hair, we recommend using a sulfate-free shampoo to remove build-up of silicone-based styling products. (Products that contain sulfate are very damaging and extremely drying to the hair.)

♛ Use cool water to retain moisture. Do not wash your hair with hot water as excessive heat can lead to dryness. While washing always gently finger-comb your raw hair in a downward motion and do not scrub or rub the hair together.

A favourite shampoo of ours that we recommend is the Pureology: Hydrate Shampoo as it is 100% vegan and sulfate-free. 

♛ If you are washing your closure or frontal, please VERY GENTLE as the lace is very delicate and can easily rip and/or tear if you are not careful.

♛ After washing your raw hair, we strongly recommend deep conditioning your hair using a high-quality deep conditioner. A favourite conditioner of ours that we recommend is the Pureology: Hydrate Conditioner as it is 100% vegan and sulfate-free.

♛ After rinsing out the conditioner, use a wide-tooth comb to gently brush your hair while it is semi-dry. Do not pull or tug on the hair while it is wet.  

♛ Always allow your raw hair to air dry instead of using heat styling tools to maintain the longevity of the hair. We recommend letting your raw hair dry on a towel or flat surface.


We do not recommend sleeping on wet hair and we do not recommend sleeping with your hair extensions out. Before bed, braid your hair into a loose braid towards the back of your neck. Place a satin bonnet over your hair or tie your hair neatly using a satin scarf to prevent your hair from tangling. Upon awaking, unravel your braid and gently brush through the hair working your way up from the ends to the roots. 


♛ Treat your raw hair extensions as an extension of your own hair and always use good quality hair products. Avoid using sulfate-based or alcohol-based hair products as these chemicals are extremely drying to the hair.

♛ Brush your hair on a daily basis to smooth out any flyways using a detangling brush. A small "dime-sized" amount of natural oils such as coconut oil or Argan oil may be used to help seal in moisture and for maximum hydration.

 ♛ Once a week it is recommended to use a clarifying shampoo on your hair in order to remove any product build-up. A favourite product of ours that we recommend is the Live Clean: Apple Cider Clarifying Shampoo which is 98% plant-derived and is both sulfate-free and paraben-free.

 ♛ We strongly recommend to deep condition your raw hair at least once a week to keep it nourished and healthy, to restore smoothness, and to maintain longevity and manageability. Deep condition for at least 4-6 hours or overnight for best results. A favourite product of ours that we recommend is the It's A 10: Miracle Hair Mask as it is deeply nourishing and is both sulfate-free and paraben-free.


♛ We strongly recommend consulting with a licensed professional colorist before bleaching, coloring, or chemically treating your hair extensions. 

♛ As with your own hair, excessive heat styling will eventually cause damage. Therefore, when using heat styling tools, always be sure to use a medium to low-temperature setting and use a heat protectant spray/serum that protects up to 450 to prevent heat damage to your hair extensions. A favourite product of ours that we recommend is the Caviar Anti-Aging: Perfect Iron Spray as it is both sulfate-free and paraben-free. 


♛ We strongly recommend conditioning your raw curly hair on a DAILY basis as curly hair tends to dry out more quickly if it is not kept moisturized. 

♛ Create a conditioning solution by mixing lukewarm water and leave-in conditioner together in a spray water bottle. Generously spray your curly hair with the conditioner solution. A favorite product of ours that we recommend is the It's A 10: Miracle Leave-In Product as it is both sulfate-free and paraben-free. 

♛ Afterward, apply a "dime-sized" amount of any natural oil such as coconut oil or argan oil to help seal in moisture. You may also use a leave-in conditioning spray specially formulated for curly hair. Careful not to use too much product to avoid weighing down your hair extensions.

♛ After washing your curly hair, we strongly recommend using a wide-tooth comb to gently comb out any tangles while the hair is still damp. Do not comb your curly hair while it is dry in order to avoid ruining the curl pattern.  

♛  We strongly recommend avoiding using any heat on your curly hair. If you would like to define your curls for a special occasion, then you may use a diffuser on a low-temperature setting. 

♛  By utilizing the tips above, your raw curly hair will be left deeply nourished, hydrated, and looking its best.  

Never forget to condition, condition, condition!



Does She'z Royalty Collection Hair Shed?

Any hair that has been manufactured to be stitched on a weft is entitled to experience minimum shedding which is absolutely normal. However at She’z Royalty Collection we maintain a very high level of quality assurance and our wefts are double stitched to ensure there is very little to no shedding. If you do experience slight shedding (a few strands) please be rest assured that this is completely normal and there will never be a noticeable or drastic decrease in density or volume. 

How long does She'z Royalty Collection hair last? 

At She’z Royalty Collection, we believe your hair is an investment. With proper hair care and maintenance, our virgin hair is designed to last up to 2 years and our raw hair is designed to last up to 4 years.

What color is She'z Royalty Collection hair?

She’z Royalty Collection's raw virgin hair will range between a natural 1b and 2 color (sometimes lighter). Each batch of hair is unique and comes from a separate donor, therefore, we cannot guarantee the exact hair color as each donor's natural hair color is different. This is the nature of unprocessed raw virgin hair. 

Why are one of my hair bundles a slightly lighter shade?

Due to our hair being 100% raw virgin hair, in some instances you may detect slight discolouration from each hair bundle. This is due to each bundle of hair being sourced exclusively from one donor only. Please note that each donor will nothave the exact same shade of hair colour. Be rest assured that this is completely normal and this is the nature of raw unprocessed virgin hair.

Can I color, dye, or bleach She'z Royalty Collection hair?

Yes! Our hair can be colored, bleached, or dyed according to any shade you desire! However, we strongly recommend consulting with a licensed professional before bleaching, coloring, or chemically altering your hair extensions. She'z Royalty Collection is not liable for any damaged hair extensions after they have been dyed, bleached, or chemically altered by a third party. Please note that should you decide to bleach a curly/wavy texture, there is a chance that it may slightly loosen due to chemically altering the natural curl pattern. Please be rest assured that this process is completely coloring. 

We do not recommend bleaching our 613 blonde hair as it has already gone through an extensive bleaching process. Should you wish to dye or bleach your blonde hair, we cannot guarantee the outcome and will not be responsible for any damage that may occur. 

Should I co-wash my hair before I install it?

Yes! We recommend to always co-wash your hair before installation. This is done to gently cleanse the hair, prepare it for installation, and to transform the hair to its natural state. Co-washing is the process of gently cleansing your hair using a moisturizing condition without the use of shampoo. Click here for a step-by-step instructional video on how to co-wash your hair extensions. 

Should I seal my wefts/knots?

Our wefts are reinforced with double stitching and won’t unravel if cut. Although we do not suggest cutting the wefts, if you do decide to cut them, we strongly recommend sealing your wefts with a weft sealer such as "Fray Check". We also recommend sealing your closures/frontals prior to installing as closures/frontals are delicate and each hair strand is carefully hand-sewn onto the lace base and knotted. With washing and daily styling, knots may sometimes loosen and the hair strands may shed leading to thinning or even balding. Sealing your closure will secure the knots inside the lace. Please consult with your stylist for sealing options. 
For pre-constructed and custom-made wig units, we recommend sealing the knots after each wash to preserve the unit. For best results, turn your unit upside down on a mannequin head with the lace side facing up. Spray your unit with knot sealer very lightly about 8 inches away and let air dry. 

Can She'z Royalty Collection hair blend in with my natural hair?

Yes! Our hair can easily blend with every texture of hair from every ethnicity. If you don’t feel your hair will blend or your hair length isn't long enough to blend in, we recommend purchasing a closure or frontal.

Can I use heat styling tools (blow-dryer, flat iron, curling wand, etc.)on my raw/virgin hair? 

Yes! Our hair can be curled, straightened, blow-dried, or styled with any heat styling tools just like your own natural hair. However, in order to preserve and extend the longevity of your hair extensions, we strongly suggest to always use a heat protectant spray/serum that can withstand up to 450 degrees before styling your virgin hair. We also recommend to use heat styling tools in moderation and limit the amount of heat you apply to your virgin hair.

What hair products can I use on my raw/virgin hair? 

We believe that your hair is an investment, therefore, it's important to invest in good quality hair care products. Since virgin hair does not get consistent nourishment from the scalp like our natural hair, it is important to choose the right hair care products to keep your virgin hair looking and feeling luxurious.

When selecting hair care products for your hair extensions, we recommend using alcohol-free and sulfate-free products as alcohol and sulfate can severely dry the hair out - leading to frizziness, matting, or tangling. Try to look for products that are specially formulated for dry and damaged hair, as they will help keep the strands healthy and nourished. Natural Oils such as argan oil and coconut oil are a great choice for deep hydration. 

Will my raw/virgin hair revert back to it's natural state after being washed?

Yes! Due to it's high quality, in most cases our raw virgin hair will revert back to it's natural state after being washed. Looser textures such as body wave, loose wave, and loose curl will tend to loosen a bit after each wash. Please be rest assured that this is completely NORMAL as washing your raw virgin hair will transform the hair to it's natural state.  

What is the best way to brush my raw/virgin hair?

We recommend to brush your virgin hair daily and throughout the day with a wide tooth comb or detangling brush. When brushing your bundles, we recommend to gently brush the hair from the bottom up to alleviate added pressure on the wefts and to gently loosen and smoothen any tangles in the hair. When brushing your closure/frontal, we recommend brushing very gently to avoid ripping and/or puncturing the delicate lace. Please remember to brush gently to avoid breakage of the hair. Treat your virgin hair as if it were your own natural hair. 

How do I sleep with my raw/virgin hair?

We do not recommend sleeping with your hair extensions out. If possible, always sleep on a silk pillow with your hair tied neatly using a satin scarf or bonnet. If you are wearing clip-in hair extensions, please remove them before going to sleep. Avoid sleeping on wet or damp hair as it may promote tangling and/or matting.  

Can I swim with my raw/virgin hair?

We do not recommend swimming with your hair extensions or getting them wet (except while washing them). Chlorine from swimming pools, salt from ocean water, and dirt in all bodies of water can be damaging to your hair extensions. If you plan on swimming, please wear a swim cap to protect your hair from the water.  


At She’z Royalty Collection we are committed to providing exceptional customer service and a smooth shopping experience at all times. Our friendly staff is readily available 7 days a week for customer support during the entire purchasing process. Whether it’s a simple question or major concern, please feel free to reach out to us at any time. We are dedicated to complete customer satisfaction. Please reach out to us at and a customer service representative will be in touch with you within 24-48 hours. 

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